AironeGolf products are provided by Daeyoun Industrials, a factory located in Busan that has specialized in manufacturing cup insoles since it was established in 1998.

It is capable of producing up to 500,000 cup insoles per month; in an average month it produces 300,000 cup insoles. The factory is equipped with 14 hydraulic presses, five hydraulic cutters, two sets of heat presses and three adhesive conveyors.

AironeGolf has supplied insoles to Kumkang Shoe (Korea) and Shimano and Daiyu (cycling shoe companies in Japan) since 1998. We have a daily meeting at which we develop new ideas, and are continuously researching and develop technologies for full cup insoles and heel cups. In addition, factory employees always strive to produce the best quality products in a “family business” type work environment.

Our Mission

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